Widest tuning window?

So, we all know that the big 3 karts (OTK / Birel / CRG) can all be made fast. Their derivative brands, also
Praga, Comp-Kart, Top Kart, DR, some others in the mix too.

I’ve decided to fully buy-in to running my own race program. It will likely be at the KA-100 level.
As to why, and why now, It’s a long story that will get told elsewhere.

But, I’m curious from a user’s perspective (yours…)

What kart has the widest competitive tuning window (ie. can be made ti win in a wide variety of track conditions.)?

My impression has been that OTK is easy to setup, has a finite shelf life (1 national year, 3 club years) before going off. And the reparto corse thread is just discouraging if you’re a non-factory driver…lol But if you had to pick ONE chassis for a full year, training and racing at the top level, that had to suffice for all possible race conditions (heat, cold, wet, dry) what would it be?

Anecdotal info appreciated. Conjecture allowed but disregarded. :wink:

All that really matters is to test, test and test.
Most karts can be tuned to be a front runner. It’s how much the driver practices and understands himself and his setup to get the most of it.

Yes, I’m using “him” subjectively.

Part of it also is how the kart feels with you in it as well. I’ve driven margay, top kart, vlr and otk. I’ve always done best and liked the way an OTK handles.

The OTK has the largest tuning window of what I’ve driven. I’ve had success on cold tracks, hot tracks, green tracks, grippy tracks, 100cc racing, TaG racing… And the “1 year of national racing before it’s toast” is also BS.

My kart I ran at SuperNats this year was a 2016 with 2 full seasons of national and regional racing on it and I was second quick in the final. :man_shrugging: