Willingness to share Mychron5 lap data?

[General question]
I was looking for a database of people’s fastest qualifying sessions at different tracks, but it doesn’t seem like people share much, if at all. Sure, if you’re competing nationally or within a team, maybe you’ll want to keep it private. But it seems like everyone else ought to be sharing as much as possible to learn from one another and compare notes.

My question is: Why don’t people share more often? Is it impolite to ask others for data? I’m guessing you could just connect to anyone’s mychron5 at the track with your laptop, but that seems like bad form.

[Specific question]
In case anyone drives LO206 in the Seattle area, I’m looking for mychron5 datasets to compare. My dataset for PSGKA is shared here: link. Considering this is without weights, this would put me dead last in a club race … so, anyone willing to share their session? :wink:

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Personally if I’m competing, even at club level, I don’t really want to share my data unless it’s someone I’m pretty friendly with. Data can literally give away everything, so sharing with your competition is going to give them a big assist.

But it isn’t totally unheard of to share. Asking in here actually might be the best place, and you might find someone willing to share theirs.

And if you don’t want someone nearby sneaking your data from your MyChron wifi, make sure to password it. I didn’t password mine a couple years ago, and one of the friendly data guys from a neighboring tent uploaded a really great start-up screen onto my gauge without me even knowing it.


Thing is, seeing is one thing… executing it is another. I’m probably not the best example, but even in sim racing looking at the fastest laps in video and data, I still can’t replicate it.

But if times are close, I can see how maybe two top drivers might find something in a turn in another’s data.

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I guess if it’s just regular club racing folks probably aren’t all that secretive. If someone asked me id be fine with sharing.

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I’ll share data with just about anyone at club races, but I’m also friendly with most people at a club race. I know some guys that get really protective over stuff like that no matter what race they’re at though, so it just depends on who you know. Most people wouldn’t want just anyone having their MyChron data from a database or something like that though.

I kind of like video games where they make the setup and the like available on the leaderboard when you choose the opponent. I can get why irl people would hate that. That being said, for most knowing the others data isn’t going to dramatically change their laps. You still have to do the driving. I’m sort of the option that ability and experience wins out. Knowing what someone does differently helps, no doubt, but you’ve got to have the driving skills to make use of the data.