Winter Escape to race a long weekend

my son and I race 206LO, he does Junior and I do Senior.
We are wondering if we could extend the season with a reasonable amount of effort.
We live in the Twin cities area and thinking of going to Indiana for a weekend but the season ends there in October. Obviously we would like to participate at a local race and do a practice day before. I thought North Carolina would be a good place?
Any tips for Nov/ December which are not much over 1000miles away from Minneapolis?
Thanks for any recommendations based on great experiences.

I’m curious about this also. I live in central Indiana and I’d love to get away in the winter for some racing. I was thinking about this the other day and searched the web for ideas. I saw that Atlanta Motorsports Park has a series of dates in November and December. My cabin fever is always the worst in February though.

I’m in MN also… Do you run at Stockholm then?

Daytona kartweek is a popular one in December, a little over 1000 miles, but it’s in ballpark. You could hit up a different track in Fl to do a shakedown.

@IRQVET can probably advise of more possibilities in Florida

If you don’t want to travel and would rather stay cold, you could do some rental karting on ice in Jan-Feb :smiley: . (Edit, shame on me apparently the OG property isn’t declared on my own website LOL)

Florida is stacked with sprint tracks:

  1. Monticello Karting (Monticello, FL)- 1.1 mile (fast track)
  2. Jacksonville 103rd Stree (Jacksonville, FL)- 0.6 mile (fast track with banked turns)
  3. Bushnell Karting (Bushnell, FL)- .05 mile (Tight, tight, tight, slow track)
  4. Orlando Karting (Orlando, FL)- Never been there
  5. Anderson Karting (Palmetto, FL)- 0.6 mile Never been there
  6. Daytona (Daytona, FL)- Never been there.
  7. Homested (Miami)- Never been there
  8. And just over the border in Georgia you can go to Roebling (road racing)- Never been there but I plan to be next month.

Dang, after writing this I need to get out more, lol.

Most of these tracks are either open tire or Vega (JAX, Monticello, and Bushnell). Orlando is an MG track and I’m not sure about the other ones I haven’t run at yet.

Out of all the tracks I’ve mentioned, JAX I believe has the highest kart counts with the exception of probably Miami? JAX has been averaging 100+ LO206 karts counts at just their locals alone.

Thanks for the feedback. Daytona and FL in general looks very interesting except the 1500miles. I definitely need to keep that in mind.
@KartingIsLife Yes I am racing at Stockholm #177 senior 206. I wish the season would just continue to April and start over in May. :grinning:
Any info on Denver, CO? It’s 800ish miles and they seem to have it warm early winter.

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Atlanta Motorsports Park is a top-notch facility. The last round of the regular season is October 29th. The next weekend they are inviting karts to race on the main car track. They also run a winter series in November and December. Kart Racing Events | Atlanta Motorsports Park

Somehow I missed this thread early.

There will be a group of people going Phoenix every year for the 4 Cycle showdown at PKRA. They usually have extra room in the trailer. You can just fly down there. You might be still be able to join them for this year. Talk to Chris and Ted about it at Stockholm.


North Texas Karters in Denton is 950 miles from Minneapolis

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Thanks a lot for all the great feedback. definitely some really nice options!
We are currently looking into going to Newcastle next weekend (Friday, Sat, Sun). Hope that works out, weather looks good!