Winter storage procedures

So i didnt see a topic so i figured i would start one. I own a 2 cycle kart (tag) and would like to know what the recommended procedures are to store the kart over the winter. So far i have

Drained the fuel tank
Blew out fuel lines
Drained Radiator and lines
Cleaned chassis
Plugged exhaust, taped airbox

I was going to add a little bit of marvel mystery oil through the spark plug hole.

Any other ideas specifically with the carb? Blow compressed air through the fuel entrance to carb?

I tried winterizing and this is what I found…

i see thank you i didnt see that earlier must be getting old

For the carb, I’d remove it, disassemble it, clean it and put it back together again with the same seals, gaskets and diaphragm. At the start of next year, pull it apart again. This time during assembly, use a new needle and seat, and a new gasket kit.
If your engine is going to spend time over the winter where it’s going to below freezing, make sure ALL the water has been drained. Even if you’ve pulled the hoses off, there could be water still around the cylinder.

How do i make sure it gets out from the cylinder too? I took off the lower rad hose.

Nice blast of compressed air will help.

Take off the upper from the rad side and blow in it at a min. But if you can get a compressed air fitting in there to blow it out that would be better.

Is it okay to leave your kart in the garage over the winter when its freezing if you have prepared the engine correctly?

So definitely blow compressed air through the coolant hoses because there was a bunch of water still in the water pump and the cylinder

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Continuing this old thread, any recommendations for tires (stored in garage)? Wrap in saran wrap? Wd40 or some tire treatment first? Leave them as is?

I have always preferred to drain the water and fill with a 50/50 mixture of green antifreeze. This ensure all water is addressed and it also adds anti-rust/ corrosion. In the spring you drain the anti-freeze and save for next year. This is how I winterize my boat as well.

The key on tires is keeping them away from moving air and a constant temperature. Wrap in shrink wrap and store in a stable temp environment.

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