Getting kart ready for winter....Leopard engine need winterization tips please

Well…first season under the belt. Had some fun…learned some things…now time to pack up for winter.

Need some tips please…
Do I drain fuel tank,…or use stabilzer?

Fog the engine? Or something else

Any other ideas?

Thanks fellas!!

If it’s going to get remotely close to freezing where ever you are going to store this engine…Drain all of the water out if it. Make sure all the water is out or you will crack the cylinder. Drain the fuel out of the carb, but will have to rebuild the carb no matter what at the beginning of next season.
Fogging the engine is not a bad idea. Also pull the plug out, run the piston to TDC and pour in several cap fulls of marvel mystery oil. Let it sit there for a little while then rotate the crankshaft a couple of times slowly, leaving the piston at the bottom of the stroke. WD40 the exhaust pipe. Plug the pipe ends, the exhaust port and the carb.
Put the gas in a mower or snow blower.

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That is great!!! Thanks a lot Tony!!

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Another good tip is to WD-40 the axle as well, they are always rusting