Winter tire storage

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! :turkey:
I’m in the benighted part of the U.S. where the karting season is over and the cold weather has moved in. :cold_face: All our tires (Hoosier R60A and B) are off the karts and out of the trailer; I plan to store them in our basement (typically around 65 degrees) on a pallet off the concrete floor for the winter. In the past, I’ve wrapped the entire tire with stretch wrap with the goal of minimizing degradation/loss of oils from the tire over the winter. Is that necessary anymore? I’ve read in places that the chemistry of the compounds has changed and wrapping the tires is at least less necessary than in the past. Hoosier’s website didn’t have any guidance that I could find. Also, for mounted tires, should I release the pressure from the tire? Any other guidance/tips for winter tire storage?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think no matter what your tires won’t be as good as they were at the end of the season. With that said I put them in the basement as well except I wrap all 4 in a black garbage bag. I leave the air in. At the very least they are good for practice.

They’ll be totally shot any way you try to store them. Cross your fingers for a warm day where the track owner wants to hang out and collect some practice fees so you can burn them up.

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I stored a set of MG Reds in a climate controlled storage unit last year over the winter, and they were 1.5 sec off the pace when I pulled them out to run USPKS. Tossed on a set of fresher but equally worn tires and gained all the time back instantly.

What about brand new sets? My warehouse gets cold no heat in there.

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