Winterizing engines

It’s getting near that time of the year to put the karts away and twiddle our thumbs until spring time to race again. (At least in my area) With that in mind im wondering how should i winterize my engines my09 and an x30?

When it comes to the chassis’s i spray with wd40 and typically tear down the brake system to prepare for rebuild come spring time. Everything stays stored in my house or our heated shop. Just need to know how to properly store my engines.

As a 4 cycle guy, would like to know this as well.

I clean them up a bit, drain the carb, drain the oil, fog the cylinder and store them on a shelf in the basement.

Pour enough Marvel Mystery down the spark plug hole to coat the cylinder walls. For water cools, get ALL the water out of the engine and rad if there is any chance of freezing. Bring gauges and batteries into the house. My engines usually make a trip to the engine builder during the winter rather than waiting to the last minute for the next season starts.

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