WKA kills off the helmet mounted gopro

Did someone have an issue lately?

What cameras are they referring to that can be purchased that accomplish what they are saying is allowed?

I’ve never seen one that’s integrated.

What’s a series rationale? Tanguy pointed out that in Europe, it’s because they don’t want to deal with all the footage reviews.

Here in the states? Insurance requirements?

Will they have static cams recording races? How will racers promote themselves and the sport?

Does this have anything to do with the Series wanting to control the footage (rights) or is it purely a risk avoidance move from insurance?

It’s a hot topic… Helmet cams have been banned for WKA and others (SKUSA) since (going by memory here) 2015. It’s somewhat like neck braces in that you can make arguments for, and against.

This seems like more of a verbiage update and expansion to include things that may have been FIA certified. no idea if that is a thing…if not, it’s a business opty for someone I guess.

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James, is right. Helmet mounted cameras have been illegal in almost every sanctioning body for a while now. I, actually, see this as slightly cracking the door back open. If we start seeing these “integrated” cameras, then maybe the clip on visor cams and maybe eventually back to full blown cameras on the helmets.

I’ll take this as a small step back in the right direction which I never thought we would see.

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Would CamBox cameras be allowed?

I think that it’s specifically excluded. It would appear they would want to see an integrated helmet cam.

Not unless/until they can get it certified with the FIA and or helmet manufacturer.