Woltjer Engines

Good Morning all

Looking at having one of my X30s rebuillt and looked into Woltjer engines to do it. I have heard alot of good things about them and they come highly recommended.

Does anyone have another recommendation or another company they go to? and what do you see is the benefit in using Woltjer Engines

Woltjer is a top-level builder. Good guys who do a really solid job.

There are a ton of builders out there who are just as competitive, but if Woltjer is convenient for you, might as well go with them.

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I’m very happy with my experience with Dan (Woltjer). I purchased one of his KA100 rentals after the 2019 SuperNats for a very fair price. I went with Dan because after a quick conversation he understood my mechanical ability to do all the assembly work and agreed to do as much or as little from a work standpoint for me as I needed. I found many builders, to protect their reputation (which I respect), don’t want the end user to do anything on the engines but put gas in them and turn the carb needles and then send the whole thing back as a means of service.

I sent the engine back to Dan for a full top end before the 2020 season started and when it needed refreshed again mid season I was happy that I could send the jug to him to have it bored to fit a new piston and he sent me all the parts back with an extremely quick turn-around for me to assemble and break-in myself.

Dan has never failed to jump on the phone or return a call when I have a question and his wife does a great job of running the front office

As TJ stated, there are alot of great builders out there and quite a bit of parity with the newer engine packages, your particular needs and / or your location will be a deciding factor as well as presence at big events near you that you may be attending.

Anytime we talk about builders I think it’s worth pointing out that Christian Fox (Fox + Son Karting) is an active contributing member of this forum and have been a great asset here and can without a doubt build an engine as stout as anyone in the industry.


Depending on where you live could also have a deciding factor on who to use. Woltjer is centrally located in the US, so shipping could be better compared to others. A lot of engines go through him, and some are with the top level drivers.

I personally use P1 Engines. Jesus has been very good and takes care of me. I have his number and email, and any time I need advice, I’ve got it from him. One time, I was actually on the grid with my daughter, sent him a text and he replied immediately, and that allowed me to make a quick adjustment before sending her out.

I have friends that swear by Tru Tech and Allison. The biggest thing is that you feel comfortable with who you send you motor to.