Workout Plan

Does anyone have a workout plan/regimen that they like to follow in the off-season? Also any specific points of emphasis on the body aside from neck and core?
If there’s any plans that would aid in bulking that’s a plus. Being a scrawny 125 lb in a 360 class is a weightlifting day at the track with the kart.

Every person is different for what works for them. I do crossfit 3-5 days a week and that has helped huge in learning how I manage my heart rate and endurance. But I am on the end of the spectrum on the weight side. I have always been right at the limit for my class. I finally had to put weight on my kart for the last race of the season this year and that is after 2 years of keeping at in the gym. I am just over 190 now, but when I started a couple years ago I was 220.

Also something most don’t take into account- Flexibility. I was solid as a rock when I started- couldn’t move my body well at all! At night when watching tv I am usually on the floor stretching instead of on the couch and that has helped me as well.

Some people just can’t get weight on their bodies! Whatever you choose to bulk up make sure it is natural and not full of garbage- that will damage you in the long run. I would suggest a good mix of lifting and an air bike or rower. That really helps with shoulder and arm stamina. Going into a gym is a good idea and sit with a coach and tell them your goals and how realistic of a weight you would like to hit and see what they suggest!

very true. Ive tried weights and heavy lifting, cardio, martial arts, nothing put weight on. Even on a 3500k calorie diet I wouldnt put on a pound.
Weights and supplements are your best bet at getting physically bigger, but any exercise will keep you in shape.

Somewhere in your 20s the bulking begins.

I’ve been pretty scrawny my whole life and was only really able to put on weight in the past year and a half when I fully committed to the gym and trying to bulk.

In terms of racing-related workouts, beyond your neck and core, working your arms – shoulders, biceps/triceps, and especially forearms is always good.

One of my favorites is just taking either a dumbbell or preferably a circular plate weight and sitting on a bench in driving position and slowly turning the weight like a steering wheel left and right. The slower and more controlled you go, the better.

A couple of other basics with weight training to build muscle is to always go lower volume and higher weight, but don’t confuse that with form over weight.

Also, a bit counter-intuitive to bulking, but getting in some cardio whether it be on a bike or on a treadmill never hurts for racing either.

Lastly, changing your body’s size is based on your diet more than anything else. Being that you are trying to add weight, you want to have a caloric surplus – eat more than you burn off. What’s helped me with that is the protein shakes I make with the powder below.

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