Workout routine

This was my first year back in karting after a 15 year leave. I am only in a 206 currently.

I did a little running before the season started and got to where I was ok when it was cool out. Mid summer came around and I was just beat. The final straw was getting out 6-8 seconds on second place and losing it and the lead in the final 9 laps. I was so out of shape since I quit running a couple months prior.

I started running and watching what I was eating and got the weight off, I actually have lost 21# now. The last race I was just a little fatigued. It was mostly my arms and shoulders that were getting to me.

This week I decided I wanted to start going to the group classes at the gym. I went to a class called boot camp last night that did a lot of arms/chest/back and some cardio. So I am planning to continue that but I want to hear other good ideas on what might be better to work in that is more kart specific. Reading through some old threads I see a few guys list rowing.

So whats your go to when trying to stay fit for racing.

I fell off the exercise wagon but when I was in it, it didn’t take much to stay sharp for x30.

I think for me 3x a week 15mins push ups, curls, sit ups etc. Just enough to keep some muscle mass. The rest was cardio, also not much, 2 miles approx 3x a week. I walk a bunch every day too. 10k steps as well.

I did get super skinny (sub 160) so it was easier being light. Once the weight was off, things got easier. That being said, it took 1.5yrs to get to that weight. (Edit turning the big 50 in dec).

It would only be fair to mention that I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to cardio. When I’m in shape my resting heart rate is in the 40s.

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I have been doing 8-10 miles a week for the last few months. That has helped a lot in the last race I felt much better but still feel like I’m not completely there.

I need to lose another 10 or so on top of the 21 I already lost to get where I want to be.

Looks like my Resting heart rate is around 55 according to my Apple Watch.

Six years ago I got back into kart racing after a 20 year break. I am 67 now. When I rejoined I weighed about 180 at 5’8". It took a while to get back into the swing of things, to redevelop my karting skills. After about a year and a half I was running 5th or 6th out of 15 or so. August of last year I decided to join a gym. I do a standard strength type program, squats, dead lifts, presses, leg days, back days, core work, stuff like that. After a few months I noticed I was less tired after races and was moving up the leader board a bit. In the last few months I added more functional exercises to the routine, jumps, agility work, balance work, ball throws and more cardio stimulating work. So far this year I have four 1st, four 2nd and one 11th place finish. I attribute all of that to fitness. I made the gym a priority. Three to four days a week is my goal. I don’t make it every week. But, that is the goal. I change up the routine so that I don’t get board and work my whole self.
I am down to around 165-170 now. I feel better than I have since I was in my early 30s.
Stick with the workouts! Develope your core. Build some endurance. Get stronger than you need to be. Anything is better than nothing.

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That’s the feedback I was hoping to hear. I am going to another similar class on Monday night as well but it’s slightly more cardio based vs weight based like the class I went to last night. Being a total noob in the gym its easy to get lost so I am hoping the classes will help.

Also just got back into it this season. I’m 36 and didn’t workout at all for last 5 or 6 years. My first day on the track I was exhausted…like couldn’t get my gloves off after 5 laps because my hands and fingers were so tired.

Joined a crossfit gym…and what a difference!! Last race ran 10 laps and not even phased. I haven’t gotten the weight loss I wanted with crossfit because of the amount of strength training we do. Come next spring I will include more running in my program to try to drop some weight.

I really like reading about workout routines and other racers prep work.

Keep it up fellas!!

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I have been focused on strength training since the beginning of the year, focusing on the normal compound lifts; Deadlifts, Squats, bench, bent over rows, pulldowns/pullups and over head presses. I would do this 3 times a week.
Since starting karting I have added rowing and cycling for cardio on one of my rest days and more focused core work on the other rest day. Another thing I have changed was going back to overhand grip for my deadlift and pausing for a 5 count at the top of each deadlift to help with grip strength.

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Mon: 3.5 mile run with (4) 20-second sprints during mile 2.
Tue: strength training 5 supersets of 5-10 reps of pull-ups, squats with weight, bench presses
Wed: easy 3 mile run
Thu: repeat Tue
Fri: 5 mile run
Sat: repeat Tue
Sun: off

I like to vary the strength training with a different routine every 4-6 weeks. I keep the routine short 30-45 minutes, 4-6 exercises total, and something I can do in my home gym.

I think it’s also really important to let your body rest. For me, that means 7 hours of sleep, and every couple of months, I take a week off from training, or at least back the volume way down.


Have to say after a few weeks of adding light weights, hiit classes and doing lots of push ups and sit-ups my race today was 10x easier. Didn’t get winded my arms are only slightly sore and after 15 laps of side by side racing before I finally got away I was ready for another round.


@Sleek98 Glad to hear it. Karting is the fountain of youth!

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