World Formula Titan Clutch Questions

Hi Guys,
A couple question around my Premier Titan clutch on my World Formula.

Last event The clutch would hitch and pulse (the only way I can think to describe it) at pace lap speed or coming out of slower corners. Once I got up over say 5K RPM it would run smooth all the way up. I was thinking maybe a weak spring so the shoe isn’t making proper contact at the lower speeds? Am I in the right ballpark?

My next question goes along with that a bit, what is the best way to change spring on these clutches? I have looked on youtube and some other places and people are using pipes and hammers to do it, is that really the best way?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Buy a Hilliard and get rid of that thing!

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I thought that might be a response I got! Those are what my son and brother have on theirs!

Let’s try and help the guy with the clutch he has… it’ll help others too.

We race together and everyone in our club has switched over to the Hilliard for the most part since the Hilliard and Titan are our only two choices. The parts are available at the track for the Hilliard and the maintenance/tuning is MUCH easier than the Titan. Not trying to be sarcastic but it would be in his best interest to pick up a Hilliard.


James, I will likely swap over to the Hilliard for the reasons Rick mentions above but I do think it would be interesting to hear what people have to say. I am particularly interested in the techniques people have for changing out the springs… The Titan just seems very difficult to tune. The hub/springs/shoes are in a cartridge.

Anyone have any experience with servicing/tuning the Titan?