Worth getting a laser alignment system?

Hi, I currently drive a 2008 CRG Road Rebel with a Rotax Max engine. While the kart is aligned correctly (equal toe and camber on both sides), I do not change either one from one race to another. Basically, the kart was aligned when I purchased it, and the front end settings were rarely ever touched again. I am relatively competitive in my class, and I am rarely far away from the other drivers (most of them with much newer and well setup karts), however it is quite hard to get past them.

Since some other drivers pointed out that I might have too much camber, and possibly too much toe, I was considering getting a laser alignment system (Sniper V2 or R3 Eagle Eye) to start testing different toe, camber and caster (which I have never set) settings. However, since the equipment is rather expensive, I was wondering if it is a good investment, and if I should see a considerable improvement once properly setup, as opposed to saving up for a new kart.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I would consider it an essential tool to have. First time you bend a tie rod you will have to aligne it. Now if a buddy has one that’s at the track with you and he’s cool with you using then you may not need one. I personally like my own stuff and trying to fix a kart between heats is hectic enough minus adding in the rushing to go borrow a tool.


Agree with Bryan. Very handy to just slap on and check the front end, especially after a hit or crash to make sure everything is straight. We don’t really use them for setting the actual geometry or tuning the front end, but they are good to have to make sure things are staying in alignment.

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If the kart handles to your liking, now is the best time to put a set of lasers on it and record the readings. You’ll have a reference point you can adjust the kart back to.

Thanks for all the replies! @tjkoyen how do you go about tuning the front end geometry then if you’re not using the laser system for that?

We align the kart when it’s put together and then just base all our adjustments off the marks on the caster/camber pills.

Understood, thanks again!