Would you rather : Highlight or Full race video?

Hello everyone !
I’m starting to race and make youtube videos of my races but i’m not sure what format people like the most.
I have made two videos of the two formats.
What you guys think of the videos and the different formats?

Full Race Video

Highlights Video

  • Highlights
  • Full Race

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So far I’m very impressed by the graphics and presentation!

Watching 1/2 and initial thought is I like the clips version but I think maybe some commentary would be good. Voice or captions.

Nice run on 53!

Hand waving with 58😃 in finals. I think you were just fine.

I like both so far. I’m leaning towards finals tho not sure why. The green and red arrows mean gain/lose a spot?

I’ve been putting my races and stuff up for a bunch of years now. I started doing it because that’s how I learned the tracks. I used to watch the races of Adam Rylance, Raif Shah, etc (fseries guys) to figure out what needed doing.

So, I put full races up. I think the only people that are interested in full races are the other racers. My view count is always higher on the shorter format stuff. So, I try to do both now. I’ll do the full race and then I’ll do highlight shorts.

Unlike you folks that put a lot of effort and make really nice looking vids, its taken me a long time to start seeing eyeballs. But, in time you start getting folks who watch. I noticed that in the past 6-9 months, viewer went up, dramatically.

On a completely unrelated note, CRG centurion rentals always remind me of Daleks from Dr. Who:

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Full video, you can always skip what you don’t want to watch but you can’t add what you don’t see.

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Thank you for taking the time to give me an extensive feedback!

I’m planning on adding some voice commentary, it will help me train my english as well :smiley:

Indeed, it marks the positions lost or gained. I’m still working on that graphic.
I also have to work on the driver swap graphics because i dont think the viewers are always catching that is a different driver on the video.

CRG are really fun but for some reason i prefer the Sodi GT3.

We just got a bunch of new Sodi at NJMP! I am looking forwards to racing them in the spring.

Are those offices or apartments next to the track? I’d spend all day watching the folks race from my balcony.

What software are you using to do all the graphical widgets?

Unasked for commentary: it occurs to me at 6:54 in the full race that you could have instead bump drafted him and pushed him deep into t1. You are the stronger driver here and you have the pace. I’m not suggesting stuffing him into a turn he can’t do but I am suggesting that you give him pressure. If he wants to fight you for position, he can brake hard and late. :grinning: Basically, send him a tad deeper than he’s comfortable with and you then peel off properly.

I noticed this. Would it be possible to have the name flash or chage color or something when it changes?

Yes and it is also next to the ocean.

I use after effects and premiere pro. They are automated, i just change a text file with the times and drives and it updates the widgets.

I agree, it was the first thing that i thought after watching it. I also missed an opportunity in a race, that i could just stay behind a driver that was about to overtake and overtake as well but stayed behind the wrong car and crashed into him :frowning:
You can see it here on this video.

I think it is an ideia, i will probably try to also place the name in the middle.

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This is a good thing to have noticed. One of the things that new racers don’t think about is that everything up until the last few laps is basically strategic. Fighting for fightings sake is is fun but alas, slow. Slotting in behind a guy and bump drafting him and you away from the pack can be a good way to go. Make some room and then mug him when you guys won’t be swallowed up.

To be fair, you got sandwiched in that crash. It was kind of you to let the other fella get going again although you got just as screwed by the guy to your outside as well.

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Thanks for the advice ! I will race in the next weeks, hopefully i will have new videos to show you !

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We look forwards to it. Thanks for sharing!

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Depends what you mean with highlights… Can be the whole race also.

IMO if you want youtube followers, do a highlights of the practice & qualifying heats & full of the final races. With the full clips you can get better feedback from the KP community.

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As a former avid surfer this would be ideal. Dawn patrol and evening glass on the water. Rest of the day chasing lap records.

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Full Race or highlight?

To me, I would ask why do you want to post your videos?

If you are doing this purely for entertainment (views) most people that are looking for entertainment would most likely prefer the highlights only. If you are looking for feedback or trying to learn where you can get faster then the full video makes sense. There are some boring videos out there, but when I watch mine I am enthralled and reliving the moment and honestly don’t care if others are watching.


My rule of thumb, if there is a kart moderately close in front of me, I keep the footage in. When there is a span of 4 or 5 laps with me cruising by myself, I’ll trim it out. If the race only lasts about 8 min, I’ll usually keep the whole race. I also do commentary, most folks tend to like the added blabbering, for some reason.

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