Wright Kart Seat


Just a post about sourcing a Wright Kart Seat.

I have restored an ‘84 Wright Kart, I’m looking for an old fully covered Wright seat with the name embroidered or stitched in it, or a fibre glass seat with Wright in it.

Either to be in good condition, as it’s for a restoration. Any pointers in the right direction of anyone who may have one or could source kne would be great!

Did you try reaching out to Wright Karts?


I’ve bought a few things from those guys, they’ve always been incredibly helpful. They even arranged for delivery one time to intercept one of our planes visiting uk, considering it was only there 6 hours I was mightily impressed with them.

Drop Sue a mail on [email protected], she’ll hopefully be able to help.

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Hi Richard

Yes, I emailed them directly too.

Told them that I had restored an old Wright and what I was looking for, no reply as of yet.

Hopefully I will hear something next week.

Cool, I gave them a push also :grin:

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Thank you very much I appreciate it! :blush: