WTB: OTK Exhaust Mount Support

Can’t find one of these anywhere and I’ve been told they’ve been on back order for a while now.

WTB: OTK Exhaust Mount Support

Could that be printed or would it melt?

I have a couple… What’s the going rate on them?

They are $25 new if you can find them, but like I said, appreantly there is 6 months plus backlog on suppliers getting any.

See if you can find anyone local running KA100 or X30. They only use one on the drivers side. They might have a spare sitting around.

Been asking around with no luck yet, but good to know. :+1:

koene has those evailable i had buy one from them maybe o month back or so …


but i check and mondokart has those also available .

I found a line on one from a KP member, we’re working on logistics now.

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