WTB: OTK shifter chassis

Location:Phoenix, AZ
Price: TBD

Details: Looking to buy a newer or even older well taken care of OTK shifter chassis. Bonus points if you have a ROK shifter that goes with it. Looking to build up a ride and get some practice in before running a shifter next season. If you’ve got one or know someone let me know. Thanks!

Bump. Help me make a bad financial decision.


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If you strike out on the OTK front, I encourage you to hit up Harden Motorsports Group for an HMG Kart, which is made by Musgraves and same design as the Factory Kart. Darren may even have team karts for sale, along with motors…not sure. No extras needed, as it doesn’t have a front bar, and 90% of the time we’re on the stock hubs, axle, etc.

Then you can come race Stars with us next year :grin:

Thanks! To google I go. Haven’t heard of them yet.

You could also get a Factory Kart from Factory Karts, by going to the Factory Karts factory in Riverside, California.

Adkins just posted this basically new 2021 Tony Kart with Rok Shifter for sale.

Perfect find! I don’t have Facebook so I didn’t even think to look there.

Bumpity bump. Everything I’m finding is basically brand new for brand new prices. Surely someone out there has a decent used setup for sale. Does everyone just run their shifter until it turns to dust?

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I don’t have direct experience, but I would imagine a used shifter chassis is harder to find in good condition. The power of the engine package likely beats up everything faster.

Want mine? 2021 AK-USA (Emme/Mad Croc) KZ-US-01 with an IAME SSE 175 engine. Great condition, a year old, 15 hours on engine and chassis.

I generally flip my shifter chassis after a year. Allows me to get decent resale value, but also cut a good deal to someone that will get a chassis with plenty of life left in it. There are definitely good deals out there, but you may need to branch out from just OTK.

If I can’t find an OTK soon I’ll reach out. Just helps that’s what our team runs, parts availability, support etc. Might hold out and see if I can snag one at Vegas SKUSA or ROK.

I just saw a GFC with a rok for sale. Let me see if I can find the post again.


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Might be able to close this thread. Found a local 2020 GFC. Hopefully looking at it next week. I’ll just see if I can’t snag a ROK shifter after ROK Vegas.


Gary Carlton? Nice livery. Sorta harlequin.

Yeop. I think it’s a cool look like the magik karts being different per side. From the pictures it’s in really great shape and had some of the ‘22 updates. Figured it would be a perfect ride to learn with and get into shifters.


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