WTT My Miata for Your LO206

Location: Columbia, SC
Price: Trade

Details: This may be a long shot but I am up for trading my running, driving Miata for a ready to race LO206 kart. If this intrigues anyone out there, let me know and I’ll send more info. I’m not looking to buy a Kart outright at the moment. I will sometime in the fall if I can’t find a trade for the car.

What I am looking for:
RTR LO206 Sprint Kart
Complete Package, with a few spares would be nice.
Prefer brands with support in the southeast, Praga, MGM, others (educate me).

What I have;
2002 Miata
220,xxx miles
Needs some TLC in some areas
Runs and drives fine. I drive to work weekly.
Minor reversible modifications, stock engine

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Well this would be one way to rid myself of the margay, and Nick just got his learners permit. Oh dear. Spouse would kill me. Never mind. GLWS!

On a serious note, if you looking at lo206 racing, there are some “spec” series that require a certain chassis/tire. For example, Margay Ignite series.

If you are looking at a series, find out what is allowed. It might be spec and you dont want to show up with wrong kart.

Haha, thanks for the info!

Also, moderators, feel free to delete if not allowed. I am legitimately wanting to acquire a kart via trade or purchase. This thing is just taking the space for the soon to be kart shop currently haha.

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I don’t need another NB in the driveway, but I did think about it. GLWS

I have been on a hunt semi-seriously for a Miata, MR-S, Beat, AZ-1 to have a fun toy… If I had a 206 I would take you up on this in a heartbeat.

If you’re planning to race at GoPro Kart Republic and Tony Kart are well supported. Kart sport NA (Sells Kart Republic) is onsite at GoPro. I think there’s local support for a few other brands, but not sure which.

So the Miata is gone. Sold it outright. Now on to finding a Kart with a lo206 in this lack of supply situation…


My understanding is that there will be a lot of used karts for sale in the region after the GoPro series ends, iirc, in October

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