X-30 exhaust probe placement for Alfano?

Anyone with an X-30 running the Alfano know how far back on the manifold you need to drill for the exhaust probe?

I can find the measurement for the Mychron 5, but not for the Alfano 6 2T. Not sure if it makes a difference? I’m new to all this 2 stoke stuff. Here is the spec for the Mychron.

I switched from Mychron to Alfano. Used the same placement and haven’t had any issues.

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Go with Mychron specs and send it

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Your exhaust tube doesn’t have the hole for you assembled the temp sensor? Normally yes, the original iame came with a pre drilled hole.


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Great question, I have no idea. I installed most of the stuff, but sent it off to the mechanic at my local track to finish things up like wiring and exhaust. So I don’t have the kart in front of me at the moment to see, and the track mechanic was the one who asked me. My initial thought was, I no clue but I can ask KP. :smiley: