X1 Outdoors Opening May 24th Near Mass

Looks pretty neat to me!



This is just the existing F1 Outdoors facility, which has been open for almost 15 years now, renamed “X1 Outdoors”.

Why X1?.. Tip: If you have a motorsport-related or any business for that matter, DO NOT name it “F1”, or “Formula 1”.

It’s a trademarked name and their lawyers do not like that, (especially now that Formula 1 is an American-owned company).

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On another note: the flyer is specifically for the rental karts part of their establishment.

They have a Club series for Owner/Drivers whose first race happens to be scheduled on May 20th, four days before this date.

Ah, that explains why it looked familiar. I remember the F1 controversy too. Seemed to go on for some time?

Yes, don’t call anything, esp racing related “F1” :joy:

The first X1 Club race is May 19-20th also. If anyone is interested.