X2 Transponders LED

Hi - any of you guys using X2 transponder? Trying to find out if it’s transmitting on direct power when the LED is flashing red once per second.

Their website shows a list of what the lights mean for both direct power and rechargeable options, but under direct power ‘red once per second’ isn’t listed. It is however listed under rechargeable mode whereby no, it’s not transmitting. Solid green is listed for both - direct power yes it’s transmitting, rechargeable no it’s not.

My issue is when I arrive to the track and connect the battery, the transponder flashes red once a second I guess whilst it’s charging, which can take a couple of hours, then it’s solid green. I know it transmits on solid green because it posted my times yesterday, but I dunno if it’s transmitting or not whilst it’s charging :man_shrugging:t2:

Sorry if I confused y’all :joy:

I use the X2 on Direct Power, and have never had an issue with it transmitting. I don’t keep it plugged in, so I know it dies, and we can be on the track as early as 30 minutes after plugging in. I did have one track tell me once that the transponder was telling the loop that it was low on power, but that went away real fast.

Perhaps the app would allow you to confirm whether its working?

Cool, sounds as though it does transmit, I’ll take that. The series organisers don’t send the live data to the app until raceday so couldn’t check, and no one in the timing room lol