X30 Carb Gasket direction?

I know this is a hudge debate across engine builders and mechanics. What is the right way to put a gasket that has text on it?

I always put text to carb and smooth to engine. Ot viceversa with reeds i do text facing reed and smootg to the engine?

Dont mind the secret carb in the backround (not the one standing on green box

Debate? If it seals it’s gold IMO

This your secret carb?

:frowning: its a prototype im given to test. Its a improved x30 carb. Engine goes vroom with it… i have to gear down 5 sprocket sizes if i put it on. Im not allowed to take picks. I really would want to​:rofl::trophy:

Idk :woman_shrugging: there should be a “correct way” of putting it. In sweden there is talk about it

Dead giveaway.

You see the two small holes and the one matching small hole on the carb. There are two holes in the gasket so it can be installed either way round.

As long as the pulse holes are up I don’t see what difference it would make. Either side is between two aluminum surfaces and doesn’t interfere with air flow.