X30 carb often needs a overhaul


I’m a hobby driver with an x30.

The thing is, that after only 1-2 hours my carburator starts to leak around the top screws. Then I tear the carburator down, and give it a new repair kit. Then I run 1-2 hours hours , then it starts to leak again. Any tips and tricks ? Could bad reeds do something to it ? I run pump station gazoline octane 100 with 5% ethanol, wich has the lowest ethanol number I could buy around here.


Maybe a silly question but are you re-snugging the screws after the first session or a few mins on the stand?

Yes… I don’t think they change over time. They are always tight…

If the pictures you are showing are of the “leak” I wouldn’t work about it, it looks fairly clean. I assume when you say “new repair kit” you are using a new cork gasket too that goes under the white cap? If not that may be where the fuel is coming from. The white cap can be over tightened a crack too.

Like James and Robert already said, I would just make sure the screws are snug and not worry about it. As long as there is no performance loss, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

It is clearly fuel around some of the top screws. Yes I use the complete overhaul kit. I don’t think it’s from the top cork gasket.