X30 chain type

I’ve purchased a used X30 which had a DID HTZ chain on it, but I need to purchase at least another one as spare/different size. Is it worth moving to DID SDH with oring or I can stay with another HTZ? I was not able to find a clear answer, someone is suggesting oring for durability, others non oring for performance.


I’d run O-Ring, better longevity. I never ran anything else besides o-ring


we run the DID HTZ GOLD edition on our x30 175cc super with no problems so far ,

and yes there is a theory in motorcycles that o ring chains gets you some power off and possible the same rule applies in karting too , but i never feel something notisable on both applications in real life .

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I always run an o-ring chain in X30. I had a bad streak of breaking standard chains and even though there is some more friction with the o-ring chain, it’s negligible and the chain will last a lot longer.