X30 Clutch drum won’t spin when tightened

Hey all!

I spun entering a corner breaking a bit hard or I spun because of the failure on the clutch. The axle was “locked” after I spun, so I had to end my session.

Noticed that clutch was laying against the drum on the side, so I removed the clutch drum and realised the clutch was loose, 1 screw was split in half and 2 others were loose. So I bought new screws and tried to reassemble the clutch and clutch drum again, but the problem stays.

So it seems like the clutch won’t fully fit any more, it’s “wobbly” when I attach the clutch-pin into the starter wheel. And when I put on the screws the gap between the clutch and the starter wheel does vary a lot, at one point it measures almost much as 21mm in total when the drum itself is 18mm. So the clutch does always lay against the drum. But I can’t see any visual bending on the clutch.

Heard that I should try buy a new clutch and see if that does it. But I’m curious if any other has experienced this and what was the solution?

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Welcome Linus,

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “screws”. I assume you mean the bolts (366 in the diagram). Also, you may need to replace the clutch as it sounds like it has lost its spring. Make sure the order is followed for assembly as seen in the diagram.


Hey Robert! Thanks for the answer!

Yes, you’re right, it’s the screws with number 366. And I’m sure I assembly it back as it was before. When you say ”lost it’s spring”, do the clutch actually has springs? As you may hear, I’m pretty fresh to this haha.

Look at the difference on the gap on two different sides when the clutch is back on.

Hi, to answer some questions: no the clutch has no springs it has the small parts devided by a cut about 2 mm that expands and connects to the drum making the wheels spin.
May the starter gear be bent? I would open the whole assembly until the engine housing so remove the big bolt that is reverse thread. Remove starter ring,
When everything is removed inspect every part closely to acess is anything is bent or broken. It might also be as mentioned before that the clutch lost its spring but that wouldnt affect the angle to starter ring
Hope this helped!

Hey Mike! Thank you for the answer.

As you say, it might be better to inspect everything around the clutch. I’m gonna disassemble all the parts and inspect it.


The clutch is either not seated against the flywheel, or is bent from running with lose bolts. 3mm variation in height from the flywheel is easily enough to lock the mechanism up.

Double-check that the clutch is installed flat to the flywheel, if so and the variation is the in clutch it needs to be replaced.

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So technically no, there are no springs but the 3 paws are designed to expand out with centrifugal force and then return when the rpms lower so there is springiness in the design. If you are seeing different amounts of gap I would take that to mean the clutch is in need of replacement. Does the one with the bigger gap contact the drum?

So I believe I need a new clutch. Must be bent a little. As you see, the clutch doesn’t lay flat and one of the screws won’t go to the bottom and locks pretty early.

It’s very possible the clutch is just not properly seating on the flywheel.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I do believe that the bigger gap does contact the drum because it does measure 21mm compared to the drums 18mm

Might be… I’ll need to start somewhere, I’ll go to nearest shop and see if I can try to fit the clutch in a new fly wheel

It lays flat if I put the incorrect side of the clutch towards the flying wheel, so the clutch-pin outwards

You might just try lining up the holes, place the clutch or flywheel on a solid surface and give it a whack with a mallet to fully seat. Then bolt it up.

If you lay either the flywheel or the clutch on a flat surface like a piece of glass or something that your sure is absolutely flat then what does that look like? Both should be flat against the surface. The clutch doesn’t look tweaked but based on your description it could be, but it could be the flywheel and even possibly the crankshaft. What does the case look like? Any sign of rubbing?

Tried that, don’t know how much force it can take though, maybe I’m a bit to cautious. But it seems like the pin on the clutch does go all the way down, but still there’s a major gap just at that side as you can see on the latest photos. When I have time I’ll go to a shop and inspect it with against a fresh starter wheel or clutch.

Tried different surfaces, it seems flat. Well the parts are fully removed and still not fitting 100%. I wonder if the pin on the clutch going into the flying wheel might be the issue… In some angles it looks bent, but barely… hard to tell, so I might be wrong. I’ll know for sure hopefully on thursday. I’ll let you know! And fingers crossed that the crankshaft is in shape…

If everything is flat then the pin you mention may be the issue. I believe the pin is there just to lock the clutch to the flywheel so that it is located correctly. If the screws were loose or missing that might have been enough to mar either the pin or the starter flywheel or both. The clutch shouldn’t require much force to seat fully. Does the clutch come off the flywheel easily? If it were me I would consider a little sanding with a moto tool to see if I could get it to fit properly.


I agree with you that it shouldn’t need so much force to get it on when it’s just the pin. I think In some cases the clutch didn’t go off so easily, but majority of the times I got it off easily from the flying wheel. I’ll try it out with some oil!

So we have a conclusion. The actual pin on the clutch was not completely in place. And it was a big difference compared to a new one, so now I know how it’s supposed to look. :joy: With a little force and a hammer we got it almost completely back in place. But safety first, so I bought a new one and I keep this one as a spare. Many thanks to everyone for the engagement!


Thats an interesting situation. I would gather that the pin moved when you had the loose bolts but that is a significant difference. Glad you figured it out.

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