X30 Crankshaft failure

Hi, wondering if anyone has experienced a crank failure like this. I cant verify this, but believe the engine had about 12 hours since last rebuild.
Any idea what may have caused it.

Broken crank pin, That’s rare as hell.

What was done in the last rebuild… was the crankpin replaced?

I am not sure as i purchased the Kart after that rebuild, however based on what I was told, piston, and bearings no pin, nor connecting rod.

It’s possible that there was just too much time on the pin. It’s not very common, but they can fail unfortunately.

I have heard of at least two cases here in Sweden this year. Both cases with only few hours on the pin.

I hope this does not become a pattern. I recently switched from Rotax to the X30 and I am starting to miss the Rotax already.

I’ve seen this before.After inspection I noticed no or too little radius in the big-end
hole in the crankshaft.
Another possibility is the hole too wide en conical,the pin has the chance to move in the hole and will break after a while.