X30 cylinder casing, IAME Sudam sleeve, will it fit?

hey all, im in this dilemma right now. Regulation change left us with air cooled engines completely obsolete, you can guess the stock of water cooled sudams wasn’t enough and now we’re in a situation where a water cooled sudam costs 3k-4k.

Im evaluating what are my options. Because the bottom end and crankshaft is the same for the air cooled engines, I can re-use them. and for the cylinder, I found someone who sells an X30 cylinder very cheap, and I have a few sleeves from the sudam, my idea was to use the casing and the sudam sleeve. The question is, will this hybrid work? The X30 sleeve has slightly different port timings than the one of the Sudam however.

my limited knowledge tells me it probably wont fit, but im unsure still. I would like to hear from someone who has had the chance to work with both engines, cause if this works then it would save me huge amounts of $$$


Couple of questions…

Where are you located? Are there any regulations that might prevent you from using the x30 cylinder if it works?

If the timings are different, the liner will not fit. You’d be able to machine or grind away material to raise the top of the ports, but adding it to the bottom would be difficult.

Felix Rovelli would know better but I would see if the whole X30 cylinder and head would fit on your engine.

south america. cylinder is not regulated but the liner is, so technically, it’s legal

What regulation change if you don’t mind me asking?

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You could cross reference the base gasket part numbers from the X30 and the Sudam and see if they match. If they do the cylinder will fit the base, but no guarantee the ports will match up like Charles said.

I have seen some stuff from IAME cross between engines. For example, the KA100 ring gear will fit the MY09 crank with the newer style clutch shoe. Thank you Comet Kart Sales Guru!

Information that I found online from the Sudam and X30.

125_SUDAM_MY_0913_-_RL.pdf (1.7 MB) 358G_IAME 125cc X30 LIMIT. 16000 giri USA - REV02.pdf (8.4 MB)

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the regulations changed and only water cooled engines are allowed. in the end, gearing up again is going to cost me the same as racing in the world championship (which im very tempted to do so lol)