X30 exhaust weld rip

One Weld inside my one piece x30 exhaust ripped, creating a rattling noise when I shake it. Since I don’t know how to weld, I’m thinking to use a rivet to lock it back in place.
Anyone had a similar issue? Should my way of fixing be ok?
Coincidentally, since I noticed the change in sound, my EGT had gone haywire, looks broken. Can it be that the increased vibrations are to blame?
Any comments and tips are highly appreciated.

That is an unusual place for the tab to break. Depending on where you race I would be concerned about drilling a hole for a rivet. It may be a tech issue. You should be able to find someone at a kart track that can weld and fix that up for you. As for the EGT, I don’t see how the two could be connected but they do go bad.

Thanks, Robert. Indeed that is a weird bit to break, I was also puzzled by this when I opened it. I checked the exhaust a couple months ago and all looked fine. I am currently not racing any events, so tech inspection shouldnt be a problem, but a weld would be the better solution, agree.
Regarding the EGT; I asked customer support (Starlane Corsaro), they suggested that vibrations (caused by this) are the most likely cause to kill the probe. Will have to drive w/o or get a new one, I’m afraid.

How is the pipe supported on the chassis? You should have an insulating bushing between the base of the pipe cradle and the chassis mount.

I use the standard KR exhaust mount

It comes with a rubber bushing, but let me check its status, maybe replacing it will better absorb the vibrations. Thanks for the hint!

…Or if the nut is compressing it too tightly it may not retain the same dampening characteristics.

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