X30 junior

Hi. I have a x30 Junior thats the new 2021 version and is in eu. I wounder whats the max rev on the engine. Is it 16 000 or 15500

Its this one with the blue part on the side not black like on the old one.

Fact sheet says 16k. My sr one would go a bit higher, though I doubt it was making much use of it past 15,5.

Oh ok nice ! When i go up to senior is it the same ??

I’ve never gotten my Sr engine past 16k even with 1-2 teeth higher then normal at my track.

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Both are limited to 16k, as the tech sheets say.

Wierd coulda sworn mychron showed 16.1 eos. I’ll have to go check my old vids. I recall Jerry saying that it wasn’t making much in terms of additional power above 15.5.

Just checked, yeah mine would exceed 16k slightly. Not sure why.

Yeah it’s possible to exceed 16k, avoid it though

It’s a “soft limiter”, so you can bump up above 16k a bit. Not like a hard rev-cut like in a car.

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Thanks, that explains it!

Some new data i reved 16400 in a final :sob:

Might want to go back and scroll the lap to make sure you didn’t hit a bump and spike the RPMs.

It’s no fun spending a day testing ten different sprockets and getting the same RPM every time because peak RPM was when you jumped a curb or hit a bump on the straight. Ask me how I know…