X30 Max Theoretical Power?

I am just wondering, what’s the max power an unrestricted X30 can make if there were no rules?
Has any engine builder tried this? No limits on squish gap / timing / octane limit / changes to port / etc.

Its hard to gauge because it depends on the dyno. I’ve seen claims as high as 50HP for 125s on gas, more on Methanol and there’s no reason an X30 could not make that same peak power.

That said, you have to consider that for an increase in peak power, you’re possibly going to lose under the curve which is crucial in a single gear kart… a 50HP 125 is comically bad in a single gear situation… imagine running a shifter in 4th for a full lap…

Senior OKs are well into the 40s hp wise so that kind of power isn’t unusable and generally well-received by drivers. The KF driving experience however still give me nightmares.

OK is a power valve engine though no?

Yes I forgot to add that. Even still I reckon I can handle 50hp sudam beast freak machine, dunno about anyone else, bring it. haha

How much power is the Sudam rated at?
The IAME Codasur is rated at 45hp.

I also wonder what’s the mechanical features of such an 125cc engine that allows it to make that much power over a regular TaG X30.

The X30 is made for Longevity.

I loved my KF2, so thrilling to drive :smiley: 42hp on dyno