X30 not starting

Hi guys,

I just upgraded my ignition. Connected everything. Nothing is happening when I push the start button. No bendix. Nothing is happening.

Any ideas?

Start by checking voltage at tge battety. Positive and negatife leads ibstalled at battery. If good check it at the starter. Then check that the swich is working.

Push button and nothing happens? Or just won’t start?

Nothing happens. No bendix sound from the starter. Battery is ok 12 volts

12 volts at the battery does not mean that the battery is good. Only way to be sure is to check with a load tester. A battery store or an automotive parts store might have a tester to use. Try another battery if possible.
Double check the connections under the buttons. You also could try going from the battery directly to the starter with a couple of 14 gauge wires. Any change you have access to an external starter?

What he said. If you have friends/associates in your club class, maybe barrow & swap in their known good batteries, see if it’ll turn over. OTOH, if the same battery worked with the old ignition & now not with the new one, then there’s your culprit.

Leave the meter connected to the battery while attemping to start. If voltage stays at or above 12 volts your battery is not the problem. If voltage drops drastically when you press the button you need a battery.

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Issue fixed. My starter was the culprit. Had to service it.

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