X30 problem

Hi i have a little problem with my x30. its max rpm is 15100 with the carby tuned right and with a 79 sprocket. What can i do to make that last bit of speed and rpm come to me. i need that little extra bit beacuse my track has a long straight that peapole overtake me and i dont stand a chance on full throtthle

Have you checked what other people in your class are running for gearing?

Going to a bigger rear sprocket will give you more RPM but it won’t give you more top speed. Bigger gear ratio gives more acceleration, lower gear ratio gives better top speed.

So, it’s not completely accurate for any given track - you have to tweak it up or down a bit to get the best balance between straight speed and cornering.

No10 front sprocket/79 rear:
Sprocket ratio 7.9
Max rpm 15100 - consider 15200 on the table.
Come across to the intersect for your ratio 7.9 from the top figure - Gives you 8.3 (mid way between 8.18/8.39)
Desired rear sprocket to achieve 16000: 83 tooth

No 11 front sprocket / 79 rear
Sprocket ratio 7.18
Same exercise using 7.22 from the top line I tersects to a desired ratio 7.6
From the first table, 7.6 ratio with no 11 front equals 83 or 84 rear sprocket.

I’d switch up to 83 then tweak up or down a tooth to see which gets you the best lap time. There’s no hard and fast ‘which ratio is best’ it depends on driver style and track layout. Those charts get you close though.

Since it hasn’t come up, I’ll play the bad guy :joy:

How is your exit speed/driving?

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:joy: I was going to write the same but left it for you

But still, change up the sprocket size to get the rpm where you’re driving is at. As driving/exit speed improves you’ll find you hit 16000 earlier- then it’s time to come down a tooth to give you the longer legs. Keep the max rpm point towards the end of the straight, generally speaking.

I have z11 front and 79 back. Should i consider changing to 83 back sprocket
Does the cain slack effect the rpm i have around 1. 3 cm
Is higher number on the ratio higher rpm

I have around 1.5 sec slower time of the track best. My choach says its beacuse i dont press thr brake as hard as i should beacuse im scared to soin out in the tires that are straight infront. The last 3 corners are flat out until the big 90 deg corner.
The red line at the corner is remove gas and the second one is on gas again. The 3 dots before are full throttle and last dot is braking zone
I usually hold full throttle from apex out exept the 3 corners that are flat out