X30 question - vibration plate

Hey all.

Quick question, do IAME supply the X30 with an anti-vibration plate in the US (see below) and if so, does anyone not use it?

It’s highly recommended in Australia by IAME distributors, to preserve the starter motors, and my builder adds it might help harmonics, but it is omitted from the build in the manual. It’s fairly heavy so I wonder if it’s necessary at all.

UAE they do not, I wouldn’t use it though I need all the KG saving I can :joy:

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My understanding was the X30 was that it was counter-balanced unlike the Leopard was so no vibration plate was needed. I don’t think I’ve ever run one.


My understanding is +1 on what TJ said.

The balance shaft in the X30 helps a lot with the vibrations that the leopard and it’s unbalanced counterparts had which rattled the starter brushes to death.

Maybe having the plate with the balanced motors extends the starter life even further?

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I always use it but like Richard, I need the extra weight.

Opposite to Richard you mean :joy::joy: I have to save as much as possible. I’m looking to put KR bodywork on this year with CRG sticker work Frankensteined onto it, because it’s lighter than CRG bodywork by almost 3 kg I’m told

I AM the extra weight :joy::joy::joy:

So maybe the scales were running a little light today, but I came in 10 lbs underweight for Masters and was running with Senior. 380 vs 405 and still managed to stay within .75 of the leader. I am loving this new Rok GP!

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Not really required on X30 if you prepare the starter motor properly but a lot of KA guys are using them here in Australia which may just be a case of monkey see, monkey do.

Any issues with the starter motor or something pointing to harmonic/excessive vibration? How long have you run your X30 without this thing?

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3 years. No issues whatsoever.

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