X30 Sprocket bearing

I’m installing a new front sprocket and a new roller bearing. Do I use some sort of wheel bearing grease or a lubricant on the bearing? Triflow lubricant?

It’s good to dab a little thicker grease on the bearing. Something like Tri-Flow grease (not the spray) works well.

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Be careful with grease and the clutch drum,I don’t know what rules you guys have
but a slipping clutch is a DQ

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Yeah, don’t want to get any grease on the clutch pads themselves.

I’ve never seen a clutch test done here for X30 or anyone get bounced for slipping clutches, but it may be in the rule book.

Really?I don’t want to give you any ideas but you know as well as I do that there is a lot to gain…

I’d bet $20 there’s a min engagement RPM like what we had for JICA.

There is a minimum engagement (5k), as there always is for a spec clutch, but I’m just saying I’ve never seen any clutch test ever performed for X30. We used to have to do it every session almost for KPV/HPV/Komet and JICA.

I would imagine since it’s a pretty easy thing to notice if someone was doing, tech would step in. Our tech officials are fairly strict and wouldn’t allow that sort of thing to go.

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Thanks for the help. I got some TriFlow grease and got it all back together.

I dont really have plans on racing with this setup. Hope to get a couple practice/track days with it before swapping it out for a VLR or KA to race that, maybe next year.

So I torqued the clutch drum nut to the spec 20ft lbs (265 in lbs) and it seems like that’s to tight because it engages the clutch and the wheel/axle won’t spin freely. Is that normal for a new bearing or did make a mistake on the install?

The internal and external washer both have a specific bevel and orientation. Make sure they aren’t reversed.

Ok thanks. That could be my issue cause I was unaware that the washers went a specific way.

all the IAME overhaul manuals are online and readily available and have great detail and pictures to go with that detail. They’re a great reference source.

I appreciate the insight. I have now located the assembly manual and downloaded it to my device.

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I think there were two different clutch setups for the X30. One had a longer needle bearing. The late one used an o-ring in place of a thicker washer. Make sure you matching the correct setup. I’m guessing you only changed the sprocket, so likely its just the washer behind the bearing is on backwards. Beveled edge faces the engine.

Yup you guys were right. It was simply the washer that was in backwards. It’s not even that noticeable and because I didn’t read the manual before I didn’t know to look for that.

Everything is now on right and spins smoothly. Hoping for my 1st track day on Wednesday.