X30 temperature?

Hi guys what temp is within allowable limits for the x30?
Reason I ask is my engine was running amazing at 65 (actually 68 for a moment )degrees but I’m wondering if that was a bit hot?
Running 40ml per litre maxima 927
Doing 106kph with 10/74 gearing at 15,500
I usually run it at 50 to 55 degrees but i forgot to take tape off radiator and was absolutely amazed at its performance

Hey Mate,

50-60 is where most people keep them at here in Australia, we rev them to 15,800-16,100 depending on the track, I use to run mine at 60 but earlier in the year according to the data it seemed to pick up some lap time in the bottom end running it at 50 degrees Celsius. A bit anecdotal but my engine builder also recommends 50.