X30 tuning again

Hi All,

I have started toying with a 2021 x30 and have always had to have the high speed screw between 95 and 105 minutes to get my lambda values around that 0.98 through the bulk of the curve. Low speed usually at 65 minutes. This gets my lamda around 0.85-0.90 off the corner and 0.98 through the top end. It is very consistent across the rpm range once onto the high screw, and does slowly get richer as rpms increase.

From what i am reading, at these mixture settings i should be way rich on the high, And most people i am driving against have there low at 60 min, and high and closer to 85 minutes which i believe is corrext based on altitude, temperature. Humidity etc.

To note my carb was marked by previous owner at 60 min, and 88min from dyno.

What else can play a factor in this.

I have checked all gaskets and seals
Reeds are fine
Mixture screws and in the correct spot. E.g. not swapped around.
My carb butterfly is set to full throttle on the stop.
The idle stop just engages before the butterfly hits the body. E.g. no idle set.

My pop off is set to 10.5psi, and holds nicely at 8psi ish. Lever height is 0.1mm above the metering body. I understand these are slightly rich but not unusual settings.
I had a slightly lower pop off and higher lever height and the kart was richer on the low. But same on top.

New gaskets, metering, and pumping diaphragms.

One thing is my kart is super loud vs other x30s.
Do the caps of the exhausts wear out over time?
Could i have a back pressure issue?
I have ordered a new cap, but yet to test.

Airbox issue creating an intake air leak that requires more fuel to compensate? Would explain the loudness too. Just a thought.