X30 Which Gear Oil is recommended?

I just picked up my first kart last week and am going through everything before my first track outing. I couldnt find any info on the recommended oil to use for the gearbox other than it being sae 30.

Also how much water should I be filling the system up?

Water - fill it to the top of the radiator cap opening. Run it for 5 minutes or so and check the level.

I use synthetic ATF in both X30s and Rotax, 35cc in the X30 and 50cc in the Rotax. It’s nice and thin and provides plenty of lubrication as long as you change it every 2 hours. Thick gear oil will last longer. Some guys in the UK use Marvel Mystery oil. I find that oil creeps too much and gets past the oil seal into the case.

Thanks. Looks like Im going to try the synthetic ATF because I cant find the IAME specific stuff locally.

I hope you’re joking…