X30 wont rev past 13k rpm

So my x30’s have been fairly bullet proof over past few years. Ran into a very weird issue in the season final and now don’t really have a way to track test to troubleshoot.

Motor ran fine all day normal egt and normal throttle response. In the final 6 laps in the engine just stopped reving on straight at about 13k rpm. I adjusted motor while driving both rich and lean and it just break up and feels like hit limiter at 13k rpm. Still had low speed full throttle pull of corner but it started to have that rev limiter feeling when the motor started to pull on short stretch between corners and about 1/4 down straight.

Pulled carb checked pop off and it is ok and pulled reeds and had some minor chip on edge but not broken. Plug seems fine with no visible damage.

I then restarted the motor on stand and starts fine and revs fine on stand. I did not rev it much past 10k as seems like bad idea to rev engine unloaded at max rpm.

Is it possible to bench test stator? I have zero access to track test until spring so testing must be done on stand.

Any suggestions on what to try next. I hate putting things away broken for the season and looking for some direction on how to test.

Sounds electrical to me for sure. If it won’t run under load. Could be stator, would also check the kill switch. They sometimes go bad and start to cause the motor to cut out.

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When I had sort of the same problem, it was one of the coils in my stator. You can measure the 3 coils with a multimeter, and se if they all are about the same Ohm`s or not…

I had this problem and both the ignition coil and the battery had gone bad - one may have caused the other. Swap the battery and see if that fixes it.

Maybe your X30 decided to convert to a Rotax :grinning:

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Less all the torque and hp…haha.