Yearly Service

With my first year, albeit slightly different to what I had planned, coming to a close. I was wondering what people do for a ‘yearly service’ so to speak.

Any tips or tricks you can share would be great!

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Are you following a 2-stroke rebuild plan? Normally end of season is when the engine goes off to the builders for a bottom end.

You may find this helpful:

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Personally, I get my chassis to a frame table and have it checked and straightened if need be. Strip, clean, possible repowder. Send the engines to the engine guys.

Once I get everything back, I ignore it until a week before the first race and then thrash everything together. :joy:

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It depends for me, if its a class I am running competitively then I tear it down to the frame and rebuild part by part ensuring everything is as good as I can make it. This is also true any time I get a new kart it gets torn apart till its nothing but a frame. The frame gets repaired/changed/checked and then part by part reassembly begins which is a long process.

I am also one of the few people that prep bearings for the season and I do testing over winter as well on the Dyno or Flo bench etc.

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Bearing teardown

Frame fix (I purchased it damaged)

Frame checked to make sure its square and flat.

Fresh Frame with new powder. Note, after blast the frame was checked extensively for stress fractures or any bad welds.

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