Yet another karting Newbie! Colorado Area

Hey everyone! I’m another karting novice that just can’t get enough after first few laps on the track. Where has this been all my life! Looking forward to hearing from all of you and contributing a bit of my experiences here in the Denver area.

After trying both the K1 Speed and Unser Karting (indoor) facilities here in Colorado, I’m trying to learn all I can to get these lap times down a bit and enjoy karting as I age through my mid-thirties and beyond. Thanks in advance for all the great content.




Hi. Welcome! You gonna jump into a league?

I’d really like to after I get a few more sessions in on an outdoor track to get the feel of things so I can race a little more competitively (and not to mention, safely). I grew up with racing games and have watched a boatload of motorsport so I’ve got a conceptual knowledge of driving lines, etiquette, and handling. Doing it in real life will be a growing experience, especially with the more hands-on concepts of maintenance and race conditions. All in all, I’m very much looking forward to learning and growing.

I know this is a broad question, but what types of leagues have you heard of that would be good for a 36 y/o racing novice and in what models of karts?

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I’d just go with whatever centennial or the other place has set up. If I’m not mistaken, Unser has various level of sodi karts for rent and I am guessing they do a rental league. I wouldn’t sweat experience too much in rental league. Pretty much go get the basics and start racing.
Race driving and lapping are kind of different, and the sooner you start racing, the sooner you start figuring it out.

Winter league (it’s on their rentals I think) image


Oh, if you’re in Colorado, you need to get in touch with @Eric_Gunderson. He does a lot of coaching and volunteer work with karters in that area. He’d be a ton of help.

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For sure Eric is a great resource for that area. He’s even written a book about getting started in karting. is a great resource too…

That’s awesome! I’ll definitely send @Eric_Gunderson a message!

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Hey Mike! Yes, message me! Welcome to karting.

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