Your Experiences with the RoK Cup and LO206

This is high school bickering and drama at best. None of this is productive. Its all trying to “get follows” on their youtube channel.

This is about as well said as I have seen it put. Yes, I will make fun of a shifter guy’s fancy suit and helmet paint (sorry TJ :wink: ). He will then make fun of my ripped jeans and dirty bodywork. But I would loan him a part any time and he lets me use his fancy tire changer every now and then. More importantly, after the race, we drink beer together and talk about how fast we were. Its a “rivalry”, but its part of what makes the sport fun. Anyone can do it any way they want.


Definitely this. Also, I’ve had 4-cycle guys that have hopped in my shifter and let me wheel their kart for a session or two. We’re all there for the same reason at the end of the day!

One important note @fatboy1dh - my “fancy” tire changer looks more like :wave::wave:. :joy:


I haven’t noticed much 4 vs 2 banter locally and as others mentioned its very friendly. I actually see it more between the different 2-stroke engine manufacture classes. Either way its unhealthy and not to sure what the source cause it.

4 v 2 stroke banter is healthy because its an expression of passion. Without passion you’ve got nothing. Anything in karts generally 4-stroke is the lower power whereas 2-stroke is the higher power classes so thre’s not much of a clash anyway.


:grinning::sunglasses::smiley::sunglasses::smiley: perfect and as it should be

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Only proves the point more. Apparently, there are “hard-working” shifter guys :wink:

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@Muskabeatz does it faster than the fancy machines, too.

@Aaron_Hachmeister_13 :thinking:

Kidding aside, IIRC, one of the guys was brought on to KC Happy Hour and made it sound like it would be this grand exposé, but this amounts to a parking dispute. The thumbnail looks like it was from a GoPro, but none of that video is shown? And they admitted to baiting GP with the gate personnel. I don’t know, it feels off to me.