Your Kart Shop/Garage

I’ll be (hopefully) soon moving out of the house where I had my little cramped and messy 1-car garage, which where all of my projects came to life.

The 158cc Komet/TKM K30, the Swiss Hutless Attack with a titanium axle, The Margay Brava open with a carbon axle, a bunch of different engine and carburetor rebuilds, all of those youtube videos… It’s a miracle that all of that could be done in a 1 car garage which still swallowed up 3 karts, a car, a “work bench”, and dozens of parts and spares.

While packing my garage decor ahead of future house showings, I thought I should start this topic in honor of a garage that hosted me and my complete garbage without complications for over 4 years. What does your shop look like?



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