Your Tow Vehicle, looking for recommendations

So my current tow vehicle has been my very long in the tooth but trusty 98 Chevy Tahoe, but with my trailer weighing what it does I’m asking ALOT out of my trusty tow rid given the miles and age of the vehicle; so I’m looking to upgrade. That has me curious what others in the U.S. are using to tow their racing junk around with.

What are you using and why do you recommend it? I don’t plan on selling my rig, just retiring it from towing service and going a different direction in 2023.

my hoe 1

I’ll be towing a small enclosed trailer with my ‘13 Porsche Cayenne V8 this year.

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I’ll always recommend a diesel 3/4 ton if you’re towing much weight, many times a year or on long hauls.

Though the newer 1/2 ton trucks can tow quite a bit.

If you don’t mind an older truck, the LBZ Chevy and GMC are great. If you can find them that are well taken care of…

How big is your trailer and what does it weigh @IRQVET ?

I almost bought a diesel Audi Q7 to tow a trailer because they are great comfortable highway cruisers and can tow a building.

I’m not a truck guy, but body-on-frame is made for towing.

7.5x 14 dual axle (3,800 lbs dry) but will all my racing juke I’m probably close to 5K.

We tow a 6 x 12 enclosed single axle trailer with our Ford Flex… the trailer loaded up is maybe 2500 lbs, the Flex is rated for 4500 lbs with the factory towing package. It’s the closest thing we’ve found to towing with a station wagon. ~15 mpg towing if you keep your foot out of it. A little small for what you have but for others looking around, it’s a good option. Sadly, ford ended production in 2019. :slightly_frowning_face:

You think you only have 1200 pounds of stuff? I must bring entirely to much stuff.


The current 3.0L GM duramax diesel and 10 speed auto is what I believe is the ideal towing package for light to medium towing. Pick your poison if you want it in 1/2 ton truck or SUV. I don’t think there’s a better package out there for our Karting or small enclosed trailer needs. Also tows my 18’ open car trailer with 3k Lb car in it like it’s not even there.

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Your clearly not horder of all things awesome, lol.

We are towing with a v6 vw amarock with a motocross trailer

VW GTI, towing an open trailer, getting 33 mpg. I still burn more fuel getting to the track than racing.

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we’re only 45 minutes from the track and run on Sunday. Two karts, tools and spares, a table, maybe a generator, safety equipment and a canopy are what’s usually in the trailer. It gets heavier when we go a little further…

I have a 2015 F150 with the 3.5 EcoBoost. Love it. Half-way decent mileage and plenty of pulling power. My travel trailer is about 7K and it pulls it no-problem. Haven’t gotten a race trailer yet, but I’ve got more than enough capacity.

I bought a 2023 Sierra 2500 with a duramax Diesel. It tows my toy hauler beautifully. At times i wish i had gone with a 1500 with the 3.0 diesel instead, just because of how big and bulky the 2500 is to park or get through tight drive throughs.

Not this, unless you have no other choice… lol


I did a version of this because I didn’t have any another option at that time, and it can work. As long as you are within the towing limits (total and tongue weight) AND you use a properly setup weight distribution hitch, you can tow safely (at reasonably low speed). I used to tow a 18ft trailer with an Acura MDX, using the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution/Sway control system and a dedicated brake controller. Transmission wasn’t happy, but it worked fine. I then switched to a 1 ton truck and I don’t have to worry anymore

YES! i love towing with hatchback four cylinder small trailer and small race cars (karts!) haha

I use a 2007 gmc envoy with the 5.3L. Has no issue towing my 7x12 enclosed and can easily cruise at 70-75mph at 2k rpm. I get 15-17mpg while towing with it. Its nice not having to drop a gear and let the engine scream for hours on end for road trips.

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We used an envoy when we towed our 6x12. Great little set up for it. :+1:

I decided it was time to retire the 4.0 Jeep from towing duty with 250k miles. I also wanted a larger hauler to bring more karts and have a place to camp out, so I found a 28’ race trailer and an 8.1 Sierra. Haven’t tested mpg on that yet. :grimacing: