Youth helmet

Anyone have any advice or what’s the standard on wether a kid should be in a youth or adult helmet. Kid I’m looking for is 14 but a bit on the smaller size. If he can wear a youth should that be the case or is it an age thing.

This might help. It’s from a previous discussion.

If they can fit in a CMR helmet it’s better because the helmet is lighter and smaller. But at 14 it might be a stretch to find a CMR that fits which is WAY more important. Just try some different ones on if possible and go from there.

They may fit in circumference but most likely will not in the height of the helmet. Try one one first and make sure you get a good look under the chin area.

I had my Son in a youth helmet for about 1 race too long at the start of a season 4-5 years ago. It fit “great” but I did not catch that his chin was right at the bottom or even just past the bottom of the helmet and could have posed some pretty bad issues if the helmet was actually needed. Hard to see when you are a foot taller…

Didn’t see it until post race picture. Not a very proud moment :exploding_head:

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