YouTube as a subject thread (questions/strategies etc)

For the video folks… I’m starting a catch-thread for YouTube and social media production questions etc.

Here is where one can ponder topics related to one’s social media channels.

I’ll start…

Why are my most viewed videos the least interesting/normal?

Here’s a popular one from recently.

All time most watched:

It seems that stuff that is “odd” works best. Standard driving and crashes don’t seem to garner views like a weird title.

Case in point:

lady stuck I talk she still stuck

A lot of views.

I am utterly baffled as to what people want and what YouTube wants us to show. I think I’ll explore making deliberately odd stuff that isn’t driving exactly…

“Andre leaving the pits” did well.
How about “Dom puts on his neck brace”? I bet that one gets 5k+ views.

Any ideas to share around the youtubemetrics and how to mess with them?

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I only did the basics, but I’d suggest learning more about YouTube SEO optimization. There’s some plug ins and SOPs that are really helpful.

It helped me with the point karting video development before I kinda gave it up. It was SO much work to edit. I loved it but so much work on top of the rest of it.

Honestly a good, lazy way is to search terms associated with what you’re doing or what your video is, find what’s popular, and mimic it with some (rational) keyword adjustments.

YouTube’s seo / algorithm is a moving target, but keywords are keywords, so if people search for it, then that’s evergreen.


I mostly produce videos for myself, as a record I can go back to later, or show people, so I’m not trying to exploit The Algorithm to the utmost extent, but I always try to include a few key things in my video names:

-Track & Configuration

Simply because they may help someone out who’s looking to get started in karting or who may come race with us, and documenting the specifics is always helpful.

Now, I will say, going to the trouble of making a Title Card with the most “interesting” moment of the race certainly tends to drive more traffic if it shows some chaos… since these are all among my top 5 most viewed race videos:

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I normally include track name, configuration if I know it (in this case I didnt), and the kart brand and engine. Normally I’ll just post my best session of the day whenever I go. Since Elliot posted G and J, I will as well, because its a super fun track. Here’s G and J from a shifter perspective.


You were running 1A here in the video

That looks like a blast. I’m so stoked for the new asphalt at G&J this year, it’s going to be wicked fast

I’m equally as stoked for the new asphalt. That configuration map will help me a lot…

We should link up one off weekend and practice together since they dont run shifters there. Big sad.

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OVKA’s policy (which I’m going to try to advertise a bit more this year) is that we’ll always TRY and accommodate anyone that shows up on race day (within reason).

Obviously you can’t just show up with a Yard Kart and run, but if someone shows up with an older KT100 package, we’ll stick them on the back of the 100cc Masters and let them run (not for points obviously).

Shifters are tougher because they’re so much faster, but if you coordinate and bring 2 or 3 other entries with you, we will absolutely run you as your own class (non-points). And if you can average 4.0 karts or more for the season, you can ask to be included as a points class for the following year.

It’s often a chicken & egg problem with some of these classes but we had really solid grids this year in nearly every points class, and I know the new track surface is going to attract more people this year.

I hear tags don’t really do much, but adding the location tag may help link it with the wider Google algorithm.

Adding cards at the end of longer videos that link to your other videos also definitely drives traffic to them

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I always forget you can add cards to things. I’m going to start doing that next season once I get out. I can’t wait to film G&J’s new asphalt. Interested to see how an MG yellow will do there on that new surface.

That may not be the case initially. All asphalt compounds are different, but when MCC was repaved it took some time to rubber up and be faster. I also noticed that when new the rain would wash away the rubber easily and the track would be green until a good amount of people drove on it. I’d say it took a full season before the track would hold levels of grip across weekends without “resetting” or losing grip.

Of course the wildcard here is also that the track may be faster just by being smoother and not having to setup around that goofy surface in turn 1. I’m also interested in what they do for curbs as there are a couple places at G&J where a strategic curb jumping could make up time but wasn’t possible with the turtles of death.

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