Youtuber David Land of Landspeed - Battle at the Brickyard

I want to share what my son Kyle is doing to promote the sport of karting! He has reached out to a premier Motorsports YouTuber (yep that’s this guy’s full-time job! Lol) with over 28,000 followers and we have offered up a chassis and Derek as his motor man to get him in the seat and driving at The Battle of the Brickyard.

Everything will be documented and streamed on our channels. His plan is to give people an inside look into what it takes to get started from money and equipment to knowledge. The project is called Landspeed with Cuthbertson Racing on the David Land channel.

They have started a crowdfunding page for the project and have already raised over $700 in two days.

The first $200 was sponsored by creators of the video game Project Cars! A new L206 is being delivered to my house from Comet tomorrow! If you want to find out more about the project or be a sponsor on the kart please follow the link below. Kyle and his kart will be featured as well so if you want to sponsor Kyle’s kart please reach out to him on his Cuthbertson Racing page directly.


I like this, will be interesting see how it develops. Putting KartPulse down for $50

As I rule I don’t go for “gofundmes” for racers, but that’s more to do with a lack of value being presented.

But this is a little different.

This is really cool. The sport needs that grassroots approach. And coming from someone without a vested/slanted interest other than a love of the sport, this could be really awesome!

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It’s a neat idea. Does the pilot have prior experience or is this going to be totally new to him? If so, can he get up to speed in time? We shall find out!

Circling back… Here’s the story of his race at the Battle at the Brickyard.
He did a pretty good job of telling an actual story.
Hats off to him

I enjoyed it as well.