1980s Dino 189 Restoration (Dimelzda)

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Succumbed to peer pressure and met up with @The_Karting_Channel to collect this little gem that he rescued from being a yard kart. Still has mud on the underneath from being hooned around a field. I’m calling this one Dimelzda.

Here’s the vital stats…

  • 1980’s Dino (Believed to be a 189m if you have info on this chassis I’d love to hear it)
  • 28mm frame rails.
  • 25mm, solid axle.
  • Cable operated brakes :smile:
  • Split rims equipped with Bridgestone YDS (S for SKIDS :smile: )
  • Power: None at the moment. Probably a 206 at first for my daughter to drive, then something 100cc rotary valveish.

Planning on restoring it over winter with my daughter, documenting the process as we go in text, photo and video.

It’s in pretty good shape overall, all things considered. For the most part it looks like it needs cleaning, inspection and some refurb along with some remediation of some questionable assembly practices!

We’ll see how close that assumption comes to reality.

Bringing it home

(Well to inlaws in Wi)


Actually bringing it home to MN

Questionable assembly exhibit 1

Both brake caliper retaining bolts are devoid of nuts! Ballzy!


Frame layout

It’s pretty cool with that long, curved rail that does a 90degree turn in front of the engine rails. It’s been painted green, I’m considering remedying that.


How does that seat look like under the seat cover? Looking forward to this! :smiley:

Alright. Snow is melting up here in MN, garage is getting warmer and with it being above 36, I’m rockin shorts again.

Ordered some stuff for shooting (better) video.

(Affiliate links)

Light and backdrop set: https://amzn.to/2EmFuSw
Gimbal Stabilizer for phones and gopro: https://amzn.to/2GXUDPm

Some pics of the lights. (They really show my stubble)


Green screen (Doubles as a bed for the babies’ dolly)

The “studio”