What Are Your Racing Plans for 2018?

What are your plans for 2018?


Mostly focusing on KartPulse still. We have much work to do.

Racing wise now that travelling for work has stopped (or at least paused) I hope to complete the restoration of “Dimelzda” with my daughter and spend lots of time playing at my local track, Stockholm Karting Center.

Also hope to get down to Blackhawk Farms with @The_Karting_Channel and help him shake down his 125 superkart project: Swift 125 Unlimited Superkart

Outside of that, there’s lots of things I would like to do, but I don’t have any specific plans yet.

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We plan to do as many of the fseries club races as we can. I have the butterflies for my son because those kids in his age bracket (13-16) are fast and he’s a novice.

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My plans are to race a KT100 at 6 club races with Blue Max Kart Club. Then there is a 6 race traveling series called the Gold Rush Club Challenge, of which 2 races are at Blue Max. However, not sure how well guys will travel with the KTs for this series, so I’ll do the first couple and if numbers are good, I’ll do them all for a 10 race schedule.

Outside of my own racing, I’m working on getting my buddy closer to the front of the field. Working to help him build confidence and build speed. I’d still love to bring new people to the sport so I’ll be inviting anyone and everyone, particularly high schoolers that I work with through my church’s youth group.

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A slight change of plans… I am still planning on shaking it down in early 2018, but I don’t know if I’ll RACE Blackhawk. I might just stick with some practice laps at CHMS and some autocrosses to familiarize myself with the kart.

Too many things as always… In order of importance, here’s what I’m working on in 2018.

Launching http://JaxKarting.com with my buddy @DruLo206. We have a public outdoor sprint track, but no arrive and drive program. There are a number of people we have run into interested in the sport with no information, or access to a kart to even try one. The site will be a basic resource hub for karting in Jacksonville and allow people to connect with other racers with karts available for rent.

Also working on developing a systematic plan for finding speed and reaching close to 90% of one’s potential using data. That’s a longer term project that might span into 2019, but certainly getting started in 2018.

Least on the priority list is creating vlog style video content around karting. This might turn into a podcast to start, for the ease in consistency. Bought a new house this year and that came with lots of projects so we’ll see.


As what @phastafrican has already posted is the big thing for us for 2018. On the other hand, my 2018 started off with a gut punch. Our plan was to run our used stuff till the end of the season then buy 2 identical as possible karts for 2019. I just got my 2010 coyote scaled and my turner said my chassis was seriously twisted but was able to make corner balance perfect. I was super excited. We went testing at 103rd in Jacksonville and it was fast. I was smiling from ear to ear. Came in bc Emmanuel had a problem and I started looking at mine. Realized something didn’t look right but didn’t quite know what it was. Times were fast and data looked good. Went to change the clutch and then my dad said “Welp your done for a while”. My
Chassis had broke. This is 2 weeks into 2018!!! I didn’t have the funds or time to buy another kart so Emmanuel let me use his for the local race the next weekend while he was with nasa. So I found a used chassis locally that’s newer and scaled out perfectly at manufacture recommend settings. So yes 2018 didn’t start out the way I was hoping for and it doesn’t look like I will be buying a new kart for 2019. Jaxkarting and data will be happening. Couldn’t thank @phastafrican enough for help and support. Good luck to everyone in 2018!! We will keep you updated as our next local race is this coming weekend


On the racing front Randy will be running Club at Road America and regional in the renamed 206 Cup, Cup Karts North America. Hoping he can mature his race craft in '18 as much as he did from 16-17. Planning to dabble in a little bit of 2 cycle. May throw a KA or KT on the Ionic if we find it to our liking. I know at @Aaron_Hachmeister_13 and I have talked about a kart swap at Badger for some fun.

On top of that, we are teaming up with Trudell Performance out of Green Bay, WI to help bring more attention to karting, more directly, to getting the youngsters in kid karts and sportsman. Will be doing some intro type classes and on track “schools”. Randy will help coach the young ones and I will help tune etc at the school events along with Cup and club races.

Really looking forward to Randy working with the kids. He’s got a way of getting through to them. At 15, in May, he’s much more mature than I was at that age.

If you are in the area March 23-25, we will be at the North East WI Motorama in Green Bay with Trudell Performance. Will have karts, info and trying to set up a couple quick intro to karting seminars for those that may be interested in racing. Stop by and say hello!


Racing with Huggler Racing this season with a TopKart in TAG. So here’s hoping for a kart that can finish races, and no flying through the air this season.

Also I’ll be working on my general fitness. My goal for the end of the year is to be able to finish kart races without being winded and tired at the end.


Finally, doing some more e-sports leagues, to get more seat time when I can’t be in the kart. That’s been a fun alternative.

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Let us know what stuff you come up with, and if Kartpulse can help ok?
No need to do that all alone :slight_smile:

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Oh man…where do I start.

First and foremost, I’m falling down on the job because I thought I had the flu…but I help host cool karting videos with @KartingIsLife! Sometimes…when I have my act together…

Aside from that, I’m doing a lot of coaching work, recently did some product testing for a really cool racing tech company (video coming soon), consulting a bit with some race tracks in a couple regions…oh! I think I’ve finally reached my ‘cruising altitude’ with The Colorado Karter.com, and we continue to pump out articles, content, and media from the region. Looking always to learn and grow with people to grow karting and get people interested in it from different perspectives. And yeah, that Colorado Karting Tour thing. Yeah! That’s always fun, and challenging, and demanding! I’m up to my neck in work, but I love it!!

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Will do. That’s a good looking kart you’ve got there.

What haven’t I worked on. Got out for a test day last Sunday finally. Was running on old Vega purple tires (have new Lecont whites, but wanted to get all the bugs out before I switched over to them). After about 15 laps I learned a lesson to go over every bolt before heading out(I was really excited to go out). 2 Cassette bolts loosened, and came off. Axle moved. Chain broke, and I went for a pretty quick spin. Everything ok…except the chain. Fast forward to this last Thursday. Left work early, went to the track. Was able to better my lap time by .4 tenths(@PSGKA). My biggest problem is coming out of the seat under breaking. I ordered a Foam Seat Padding Kit, not for the comfort, but in hopes that it keeps me in the seat better. Besides that I just need seat time, and consistency. Sorry for the long winded post.

I am still running 206 this year with the OVKA. I picked up a new ignite K3 and plan to run the full season there. On top of that I plan on running the CKNA race at G&J and NCMP. Probably run the NCMP 125 in October again too. The biggest event I plan on doing is the USAC Battle at the Brickyard.

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I’m working on something a little different this year. Yes, I’ve eaten some crow and we’ll be racing a KA100. On a fluorescent kart, which is new, too. Good times ahead, I’m sure.


Excellent choice of kart! I just got the same one. Sadly, mine, unlike yours, did not come pre-loaded with a toilet paper roll in the saddle.


We’ve just put the finishing touches on our new Formula K kart with a KZ engine. In a few days we’ll be competing at Carolina motorsports park for the race of the Gearup F Series. It is going to be super competitive in the KZ class this year, can’t wait!


Looking class.

Sidenote, @KartingIsLife -We should get more KP stickers out to F-Series guys this year.


I’ll adorn my compkart with one for the fseries club old man races.

Agree. Actually I owe Daniel some and I keep longfingering it. Sorry @DanielJustice.