2018 / 2019 KartPulse Sim Racing Challenge (or hangout)


(Mike Clark) #21

I would love to do this. I have no game or wheel/pedals. I need to get into sims but don’t even know the starting point. A while back I started to pursue it but figured I should do everything I can in the real world first. IE: push ups and neck exercises.
I did play IndyCar Racing on a PC years ago and it was phenomenal to me. Just never got back to it. I do see the benefits of it.

(Spencer Uzri) #22

Seems like KartKraft would be the go to sim if it can ever get to release stage.

I’ve read that the kart sim aspect of Project Cars 2 is unrealistic, particularly regarding chassis jacking/turning behavior (eg. Chassis lifts up on the side opposite of the turning direction, & turn agility decreases with speed). OTOH, the actual car simulations are reportedly pretty good.

(James McMahon) #23

I think kartkraft has been “in beta” for over a decade now if you go back to before they got funding and changed the name from kartsim.

It doesn’t have to be a kart thing though. If it comes down to CARS we’ll pick what we’re going to use. Something fun and easy to get to grips with.

(James McMahon) #24

Thanks again for bringing this up.

So the answer is basically a no, at least for CARS, multiplayer is not cross platform. Not necessarily for technical reasons, but moreso licencing costs.

For the sake of progress, I’ll leave the voting options as-is and perhaps we’ll drill down to platform and car/class in the next round.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #25

Either that or just bundle the people who want to play per platform, and just keep them organized for event days.

(Spencer Uzri) #26

I saw a recent response from a KK dev on Steam that it’s still being worked on, so maybe we’ll get it before the next decade???

(James McMahon) #27

The game is about the only thing around that’s taking longer than the KartPulse website redesign :joy:

They should just sell the damn beta.

(Lee Swindell) #28

Mike and everyone else:

For a decent look at how far some hobbyists go with sim racing, check out Niels here:

He’s a funny dude, a tech genius and a very handy steerer. He writes his own physics engines and builds his own force feedback controllers.

Even further along the serious scale:

If you can get past the narrator, there’s some wild gear here.

(Dom Callan) #29

The RPM raceway (indoor electric, formerly pole position) installed an amazing looking rig in their Jersey City location. I don’t know how much it costs to try it but it looks cooler and more involved than the fanciest setups I have seen.

(Lee Swindell) #30

Listen to this.

Mirror it to a big screen and home theatre if you can starting at about 4:00.

I hadn’t heard of this, but I have the impression he’s driving a sim he wrote himself called GSC (Game Stock Car).

(Lee Swindell) #31

(Elias Baker) #32

Asetto corsa! Or pcr2 for pc!

(Spencer Uzri) #33

Looks like Kart Kraft is out, though the mp component is still being developed.

(James McMahon) #34

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