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(Joeseph Rapp) #1

does anyone have good steering wheel and pedal setup for cheap they recommend?

2018 / 2019 KartPulse Sim Racing Challenge (or hangout)
(Charles Stockton) #2

Hey +DavinRS, what sim game is everyone talking about? What equipment do you need, I was thinking this may be a good training opportunity for Joshua and I. Can Joshua and I race each other if we both bout the equipment? I have my own position on Sims and feel it will really help Joshua and I, where it may not for others? I want to get involved but have no clue as to what I am getting into, cost, the how to, equipment required, etc., Help me out Davin with this, thanks Charles.
As you already know this is the beginning of Karting for us, we are learning on the fly and this can give us vital feed back and training, i.e., how to find the apex, how to effectively use all of the track during the turns looking two moves down range where you want to make your move. All of this, along with reading, researching, doing and Sim work along with physical fitness training (I’m back in the gym😃) a lot for my plate but I am Hungry!!!REALLY HUNNNGRY! Thanks
:sparkles::dove::revolving_hearts::footprints::spades::cowboy_hat_face:©Scout​:racing_car::boom::dash::checkered_flag:. :scorpion: +Joshua Stockton, @Maestro we can create a great racing simulator side by side and practice any free time without leaving the house. Great for NW days when we can not get to the practice track. When we are finished with the garage and put two simulators, with :seat: seat sensations, steering, and 3D three screen :tv: presentation. Let’s see how much it will cost and split the costs? :revolving_hearts::dove::sparkles:Love You Son, Dad :scorpion:

(Charles Stockton) #3

Another question, does each simulator have to have their own individual platform or can multiple players play off the same console? It would reduce the costs by hundreds of dollars and the pains of synchronization of multi platforms. :footprints::spades::checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash:

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #4

Honestly, you could have an entire forum on just sim racing by itself.
My suggestion is do some research via the internet on how to get started with Sim Racing, take a look at your budget, and see what platforms and sim games would fit your availability.

(James McMahon) #5

Welcome Joeseph… What kind of price range are you thinking?

(Dom Callan) #6

I don’t know of any of the cheap ones that are worth doing. The good wheel/pedals are all force feedback units that are pretty expensive (relatively speaking). At the top end it’s crqzy expensive. The mainstream stuff that’s worth doing is like 200-400 dollars I think. I’m a bit out of date in this though. I think my thrustmaster tx was like 350 bucks 5 years ago.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #7

Plus ‘cheap’ really depends on your budget. :wink:

(Joeseph Rapp) #8

i would prefer to keep under 300 but if its worth it ill spend a little extra,

(James McMahon) #9

I’d say you’re good with $300. I think beyond that the improvements are kinda incemental.
How about your PC… what kind of specs?

(Joeseph Rapp) #10

brand new lap top its an asus laptop with a GEFORCE graphics card Strix republic of gamer brand. 16GB of ram

(James McMahon) #11

Do you know the specific model of the graphics chip? If not, you’ll need to find out.

(Joeseph Rapp) #12

NVDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GDDRS @4.0GB (128bit) thats the graphics car i think…lol i am not a computer expert.

(James McMahon) #13

Yeah that’s good enough for oculus rift so you’re covered there.

(James McMahon) #14

Here’s some Sim Racing Wheels to consider that are good value:

$99 | Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Touted as the best value wheel around.

$144 | XboxOne and PC

$197 | PC and PS4

$199 | PC and XboxOne

(Graham Reeds) #15

In my experience you get what you pay for. It always amazes me how good the simulator machines feel when I go to the Autosport show.

I actually owned the first ever force feedback steering wheel when I won The Need for Speed challenge back in 1998(?).

I don’t own a racing rig yet but I am considering one with a fairly large budget (good job, no kids).

(James McMahon) #16

I think the complexity/expense of your sim setup depends on whether your focus is sim racing, or IRL. OK budget too of course.

If sim racing is your focus, then a more elaborate rig makes sense, again within your budget… But if IRL racing is your focus, I think I’d try to apply the 80/20 rule… Where 20% of your investment nets you 80% of the results. For that I’d say a <$300 wheel is fine.

I think IRL racers take sim racing too “literally” and try to emulate every sense of real life that they can, when really the benefits for them lie outside of emulating the psychical experience.

(Charles Stockton) #17

As for me, I believe each individual learns, absorb, translate observed data into meaningful actions and combine numerous mental, physical, emotional requirements that are associated with Kart Racing. With that said, Sims are as valuable as you make it. To become efficient at all the skills required to become a creditable driver, you must train like an athlete. Today’s top athletes utilize A.I., in their training programming, it all has its place? I am researching simulators currently and I love the Oculus, V.R. Simulator. Searching for the best fit, that truly maximize seat time that can easily transfer to real time driving, at least that’s my best idea on Josh and my training. :us::footprints:
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KartKraft Early Release - Everything you Need to Know
(Scott Sievers) #18

Have a Thrustmaster TMX wheel and pedals for Xbox One. Nice stuff. My only issue is the latency. Car reacts on screen about .5 second after you turn the wheel. Contacted Thrustmaster and they said there is nothing they can do about it.

(James McMahon) #19

That’s pretty huge. Is that lag game specific?

(Chris Velez) #21

I’ve been playing gran turismo sport kart VR on ps4 and i must say karting on VR is absolutely incredible. The fact that you can move your head quickly to check behind you feels natural.

Unfortunately you cannot play online with the vr mode. Only race against one AI opponent. Shame on gran turismo. This is why pc is better. But still if you have gran turismo sport try the karting experience its beautiful and fun.